What Instagram’s Removal of the Shop tab means for Social Media

Looking ahead, Instagram noted in its recent announcement about the Shop tab that it would continue investing in its shopping experience and that users with shops on the app can proceed with business as usual.

The navigation bar replacements — which focus on content creation and Reels — see the platform continuing to prioritize its TikTok-like features. However, these moves could set Meta up for future challenges, Duffin noted, adding that TikTok’s explosive growth is at the same time accelerating its own long-term, end-to-end social commerce plans, which now includes talk of U.S. fulfillment centers.

While Meta has previously seen success betting on its core functions, this may not be enough these days.

“As it currently stands, paid ad formats on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have a relatively higher level of maturity and effectiveness, but Gartner expects TikTok to challenge that in the next 12-18 months,” Duffin said.

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